Friday, September 21, 2012

TARFEST 2012 Opens with Outstanding Selections!

PhotoJournal by Ingrid Dietrich 
September 20, 2012

5900 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90036 (Variety building)
Opening reception on Thursday, September 20th, 2012 from 6:00pm to 10:00pm
A fusion of color, self expression, and creativity was displayed by thirty-six artists during the 10th anniversary of the TARFEST.
A fantastic exhibition was beautifully composed by curator Holly Harrison, the Curatorial Administrator for Contemporary Art at LACMA.
Thirty six Artists were meticulously selected to participate in this exhibition that commemorates the 10th Anniversary of the first opening in 2003.
The Tarfest has hosted over 235 artists during the past nine years of TARFEST Juried exhibitions. Previous Jurors include Nancy Myers, Edward Robinson, Rita Gonzalez, Howard Fox and Michele Urton of LACMA and local curators, writers and gallerists including Molly Barnes, Peter Frank, Holly Myers, Laurie Frank, Kathy Gallegos, Peter Mays, Sinead Finnerty-Pyne, Wesley Jessup, Leora Lutz, Shane Guffogg, Maryna Hrushetska. and James Panozzo.
Past participating artists and jurors are listed on this link
Walking around the gallery during the opening night was such a treat for the senses. I had to restrain myself from touching the art pieces. The Artists brought to the event a wide range of highly textured art pieces including paintings, wire-frame sculptures, objects encrusted in concrete, etc.
The usage of materials by the artist was, in my opinion, outstanding. Just to mention a few examples of the raw materials used on the construction of the art pieces: Ink mixed with acrylics, automotive paints on canvas, acrylics on PVC, etc.
Tarfest 2012 includes sculpture, painting, drawing, installation, photography, and video.
Participating artists:
Leslie Awender, Lisa Bartleson, Kevin Bernstein, Richard Bruland, Todd Carpenter, York Chang, Hollis Cooper,Jennifer Faist, Steven Fujimoto, Libby Gerber, Michael Giancristiano, Tm Gratkowski, Jenny Hager, Steve Hampton, Stephanie Han, Brad Howe, Michele Jaquis, Flora Kao, Rebecca Lowry, Jason Macaya, Arlene Mead, Janet Milhomme, Andy Moses, Hung Viet Ngyuen, Jorge Oswaldo, Antonio Pelayo, Christina Pierson, Mei Xian Qiu,, Bryan Ricci, Katherine Rohrbacher, Natasa Prosenc Stearns, Gina Stepaniuk , Sayon Syprasoeuth , Meeson, Pae Yang , Penny Young.
TARFEST will be also offering a free concert for all ages on Saturday, September 22nd, from 2:00 PM until 9:00 PM onwith performances by red-hot indie-rock bands Blondfire, Helena , Soft Swells, So Many Wizards , The Steelwellsand The Makepeace Brothers with Live Paintings by revered artistsGreg “Craola” Simkins, Johnny “KMNDZ” Rodriguez and Van Saro, and Codak Smith.
You can find more information at
Congratulation to the artists and to the TARFEST.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

LAUNCH presents Lea Petmezas, Raul de la Torre, and David O. Johnson OPENING RECEPTION JAN 14, 2012. Photo Journal by Ginger Van Hook

The Opening Reception in the Mid Wilshire District of Los Angeles, California on January 14, 2012 featured three artists presented by LAUNCH a social enterprise founded by James Panozzo. 
Over the past two years, Luke and I have attended numerous exhibitions created by LAUNCH,
 including TAR FEST as well and true to it's name LAUNCH is responsible for literally launching significant artist careers into name recognition.
The three artists featured are Lea Petmezas, Raul de la Torre and David O. Johnson. 
Photo by Ginger Van Hook@2012
James Panozzo - Founder/Executive Director
James created the non-profit social enterprise LAUNCH in 2010 to oversee the production of TarFest annually while also providing unique programming and exhibition opportunities to important artists in Los Angeles. He served as the Director of Lawrence Asher Gallery from 2004 – 2010, exhibiting emerging and mid-career painters, sculptors and installation artists. James co-founded TarFest in 2003 and continues to develop and manage its programs which provide opportunities to emerging artists at venues in the Miracle Mile District of LA. (Text courtesy of Launch
  (Photo by Ginger Van Hook@2012)

I met Raul de la Torre for the first time during his opening reception at LAUNCH. 
I had seen his work earlier in a collaboration piece created by both Marlene Yamada and Raul de la Torre when they worked together for the show opening at LAAA's Gallery 825 on the same night.
The show at Gallery 825 was the Show VS. Juried by Michelle Urton where his work includes an intricate lace weaving of texture, color and threads that render the paintings brilliantly unique.
Photo by Ginger Van Hook©2012
Collaborative work created between 
Marlene Yamada and Raul de la Torre. 
Marlene Yamada makes her signature marks 
composing together what appears as petals falling from flowers
 against an orange hue of California sunshine blazing in the background.
Los Angeles Art Association (LAAA)  announced VS., a special collaborative group exhibition. All artist participants for this exhibition were randomly paired with a fellow emerging artist and tasked with creating a new collaborative artwork. Juror: Michele Urton, Gemini G.E.L.
Photo of Marlene Yamada by Ginger Van Hook©2012

David O. Johnson posed with LAUNCH founder, James Panozzo.
David O. Johnson creates sculptural artwork, and in these detailed images, his work reveals a illuminated quality of volcanic burning lava. Materials which appear as popcorn foam in a variety of shapes cresting in hill formation over an orange light which emmanates from below/inside the crate creates an original illusion of hot burning coals. 
David O. Johnson has also exhibited internationally in Guangzhou (CAN), China in 2008.
Photo by Ginger Van Hook©2012

David O. Johnson at Opening Reception of LAUNCH
Photo by Ginger Van Hook@2012

Work by Lea Petmezas. Photo by Ginger Van Hook©2012